PHILIPS HD7753 - Best Coffee Maker Review

Strengths: PHILIPS HD7753/00 Coffee Grind & Brew
  • Coffee beans or ground
  • integrated mill
  • Automatic shutdown of the milling
  • Grinding adjustment
  • LCD and freshness indicator
  • Grinding and preparation, 2 to 10 cups
  • Permanent coffee filter

The upper built-in conical grinder grinds the coffee PHILIPS amount of fresh coffee beans based on the number of cups you want, just before preparation.

To suit all, the automatic stop button grinds off the mill so you can use standard ground coffee.

The permanent coffee filter through the dishwasher proves very practical as well in the process of percolation that when cleaning the unit.

With the knob grinding, you can choose from nine options milling the HD7753/00 coffee for freshly brewed coffee for your taste. Use a finer grind for a strong coffee or a coarser grind for a lighter, sweet coffee.

Krups YY 8304 - Best Coffee Maker Review

It’s the right product! A bit noisy at the end, the first use on a Saturday, at 8 am, in my room, I thought it was the neighbor who launched his mixer. A Chinese-made by it under German license = rigorous design and "soft" price.

To measure the water is like bottling Beaujolais, I pour the desired amount of water in the insulated container, then the reserve, and I have the same amount of coffee afterwards! It’s magic. The brewed coffee, I lean the container above the bowl and the liquid (stayed hot long enough because of the isothermal walls and choice of start time) flows without leakage and directly in the bowl ... (If you have not partied the night before) that makes the coffee is excellent, the design in good order. Operation is simple for people, and I appreciate the precise and very bright programmer, so I do in the darkness of early morning banging my toes against that cursed foot kitchen table. I highly recommend this machine

I'm a Fan Krups. I used the old version for many years. One point can only regret on this new model is to be obliged to remove the lid of the carafe to pour!

Product Description:
  • Thermal Carafe 10 cup
  • Head percolation wide dispersion to uniformly grinding and extract all the flavor of the coffee
  • Compatible Duo Filtration Filter (cartridge not included)
  • Custom Programming: double auto-start for the week and the weekend
  • Sleep timer to keep the coffee hot for 1, 2, 3:00
  • Aroma function for coffee aromas more pronounced
  • LCD
  • Open the lid by pressing

Delonghi BCO 260 Coffee Maker Review

I was looking for to replace my Senseo espresso I got tired of the lack of choice of coffee, pods problem that badly put out the "sock juice"
I chose this model for its price and function combined,
  1. Its aesthetic satisfaction (less plastic than the real picture), color variation between the tank and the top of the coffee maker ... damage
  2. Espresso is pretty good practice, coffee a little hard at first, easy to get tanks, preheating fast enough, but no more hot coffee, if you want more heat, simply preheat longer, good coffee sparkling (more than Senseo), but it depends on good taste of coffee purchased;
  3. Coffee: filter holder impractical to rinse out the fact but not necessarily every day, operates independently of the espresso can be used the same time as the espresso because different tank and separate switch
  4. Espresso filter for 1 or 2 cups and works with soft pods (type or ESE senseo) BUT the problem is that filter water remaining after the espresso : put water everywhere .... 

Product Description:
  • Number of cups (coffee filter): 10
  • Filter holder espresso crema
  • Easy Serving Espresso
  • Heating sole
  • Water level indicator (espresso)
  • Variable steam emission
  • Indicator light
  • On / off switch
  • Removable drainer grid
  • Flavor Savor
  • Vario System
  • Cappuccino system
  • No. of bar: 15
  • Power consumption: 1750 W
  • Dimensions: 380 x 240 x 350 mm

Philips HD7810 Coffee Maker Review

Enjoy your coffee breaks with SENSEO. This unique system combines the SENSEO coffee pods for Senseo Coffee House will offer simple and refined intense coffee with a delicious foam layer.

  • Unique brewing for optimal taste
  • Delicious coffee foam layer for your special coffee moment of exception
  • Large coffee pod variety to accomodate choice
  • One or two cups of SENSEO ® coffee in less than a minute
  • Removable water tank for fewer refills
  • Automatic shutdown to reduce your energy consumption
  1. Rounded design iconic SENSEO
  2. Power: 1450 W
  3. Voltage: 220 - 240 V
  4. Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  5. Cord length: 100 cm
  6. Water tank capacity: 0.75 / cups
  7. Auto off: 60 minute (s)
  8. Spout height: 97 mm
  9. Black coffee brew volume: 100 ml
  10. Color (s): Black Raven
  11. Material: Plastic

  • Unique brewing
Preparation unique SENSEO ® by Philips and Douwe Egberts. Every cup is freshly prepared and the balance between coffee and water is ideal. The guarantee of a coffee intense and refined aroma delicious.

  • Delicious foam layer
Selection of fine coffee SENSEO ® - Coffee House and preparation system single SENSEO ® you can get a perfect cup of coffee and a delicious foam layer, evidence of exceptional taste and quality second to none .

  • Two cups in less than a minute
With SENSEO ® you get a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee in approximately 30 seconds and two cups in less than a minute

  • Wide range of pods
For 250 years, Douwe Egberts knows carefully select, roast and grind coffee beans in order to get the best taste. The range of SENSEO ® coffee pods Coffee House is a selection of premium coffees, guaranteeing unbeatable taste. The different blends and flavors ensure a wide choice that suits every occasion and every taste.

Melitta 100208 bk Coffee Machine Review

Save money on something used and seen several times a day, is it really rational?
This coffee maker has a real look and colors are good when one emerges to take his coffee. Ergonomic and practical it is barely more expensive than low-end devices Soviet design, so why refuse a little fun? My subito gives me a little energy with or without caffeine!I would definitely recommend this item and particularly AMAZON site for its reliability

"Subito" is an adjective that means Italian, as we suspected, "immediately." For this, the beautiful home of Moulinex coffee maker keeps its promises barely lit, the coffee flows. Finally, the "coffee" ... That's right the problem, it goes so fast that the coffee is barely in contact with water: you end up with a drink transparent light taste of coffee. was repeated doubling doses. It is not that, but it gets better. So we double, at a minimum, the budget coffee (say we did not take the Senseo precisely for reasons of budget!). Finally: 1 / the Subito coffee is gross. 2 / is the opposite of frugal. 3 / she looks as solid as the lowest range of coffee makers. Anyway it all a pretty brainless.

The appearance is beautiful but the quality is not at the rendezvous. The top cover of the water tank is held by two pieces of plastic shaft, one of which is incomplete in-mold part. Result whenever I use the coffee I am struggling with the lid does not in place. I have not returned the item, but he will certainly before long the recycling center.

I do not use more coffee for some time, but I felt the need to re-use this principle. His design I liked and it suits me. Only small downside, we must put the coffeemaker and check that the filter is placed correctly. On first use, I have not been very careful, it was a disaster.

I am quite satisfied with my purchase. The coffee maker is very good, easy to use, the coffee maker is very good and very rapid. The thermal carafe can put it on the table and have coffee hot for a long time. (Handy for alarm installments of family members!). The small problem: the fact that it is not transparent is not practical to see the quantity remaining inside.

Good product, works perfectly, the key that allows you to select the coffee strength is useful. thank you this product. Very easy to clean. The color is nice. The capacity is enough for me. The price is not excessive. I recommend this product without any problems.

Coffee ergonomic opening and closing of the container by making a full turn, no coffee flowing elsewhere in the container when passing coffee, poured the coffee by pressing a lever positioned. Two minor drawbacks: the level of water to be heated is not very visible, no coffee "burning" for those who love. Anyway, I think I'll stop buying coffee every three months.

Purchased or choice rather carried away by the reputation of the brand. The object is pleasant to the sight, touch less. I want to say is that its effect can not lie any plastic. A remake I would choose a stainless steel pot. If you drink coffee in two hours the heat is good, after plummeting Celsius is remarkable. The spout is designed, automatic shutdown is ecologically / economically very significant.

Philips HD7546/20 Coffee Mchine Review

This is my new coffee maker
- Very high quality manufacturing
- The coffee is really successful
- The stainless steel thermos is very convenient and unbreakable
Two criticisms (secondary):
  • The indicator may have a filling float black or white to show better the water level
  • The isothermal thermos of coffee is average lunch does not need to be heated if it was made at 9 am, but that's all right!

This is the second time I buy this coffee maker, Philips - HD7546/20.
This is a great product, ideal for someone who works. (Safety - practice - economic)

Safety: If I forget to water it stops automatically in this case...

Practice: My coffee is scheduled for every morning (thanks to a programmer that I adapted the outlet for a few euros), it stays hot for at least 5 hours and I drink it when I want.

Very convenient to use. Pot metal insulator, so unbreakable.
Only downside: the removable filter holder requires some attention in its use.

It's been about a month since I bought it and I'm very happy. More hot coffee is about 7 to 8 and has a good taste. Another advantage, the carafe is well done because I already had several coffee isothermal and I have often found that there was a concern when poured the coffee!!

This coffee maker pleases so much that all the people who come to drink coffee with me want one too. Except one of my more expensive coffee that comes from Holland who is an exceptional coffee (but that is also very complicated), this Philips coffee maker is easy to use and maintenance. With automatic disconnection of resistance, the materials are perfect. A quality / price!

This is the coffee that I would have had to buy before! The thermal carafe is very strong and in addition, it keeps the coffee warm for 5h/6h environ stainless steel is "anti-fingerprint".
Anyway, I do not regret this purchase.

Product cheaper than branded models equivalents
Product functional and practical Usage requirements and maintenance
Fast delivery and good packaging
Therefore 100% satisfied with this purchase from amazon

With a high flexibility, this Philips coffee maker with thermal carafe at very reasonable price attracted me by its ease of use and especially its automatic shutdown when there is no water in the tank. No more risk of oversights and find the coffee still warm evening return from work, and we are guaranteed to have hot coffee for 24.00. I highly recommend this product for interminable "coffee breaks".

Nice product, easy to use, fast.
The wire is short.
I have never had any isotherm before, I can not compare.
However I have bought for isothermal, I'm disappointed because the coffee hot shortly. It quickly becomes warm.

I bought this coffee isothermal because I found it convenient to always have hot coffee available.

This feature was busy because my coffee was still hot for several hours, and the design of the device I liked.

It's been 5 months since I have coffee, and for some time it showed a small defect, she died before the water is poured completely, sometimes half, sometimes 3/4. I saw that I was not alone in having this concern, of course you'll think, simply press the button again, yes I did, but she stopped again and all the water n had not sunk.

The 1st months no problem but if it is to change even after 6 months, I think it is expensive even when the coffee!